Tiffany's Pet Spot
Full service dog and cat salon

Locally owned located in Comstock Park near US 131, Tiffany's Pet Spot is your full service dog and cat pet grooming salons

Tiffany's Pet Spot locations is a full service salon providing the complete grooming needs for your cats and dogs. Locally owned by Comstock Park graduate, Tiffany Cowart and her team make your pet look and feel their best following a low stress,  full grooming session.

For dogs a grooming session can take one to two hours depending on the breed and the temperament of the dog. “One of our goals is to get the dogs out (quickly) so they don’t have to sit here all day,” noted Cowart.

During a full session, dogs get bathed, shampooed, brushed trimmed and blow dried (or air dried if the blow dryer makes them nervous). Fifi or Fido can get a free bow or nail polish upon request.

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